European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

XV call for proposals within the Documentation and Advocacy Fund: data-collection on the situation of rainbow families in Europe

The call on Rainbow Families focuses on data-collection of situation of rainbow families in Europe. The call is supported by the government of the Netherlands. The total number of projects supported is six.

The call specifically focus on data-collection regarding the situations of rainbow families, including same-sex couples, families with trans parents and single LGBTI parents, across Europe. It focuses on the lack of recognition and on discriminatory practices when it comes to the partnership and parenting rights of rainbow families. More specifically, selected projects aim to document:

  1. The non-recognition of co-parents of children born to rainbow families or adopted by them.
  2. The lack of access of rainbow families to adoption and to foster parenting.
  3. The lack of recognition of the rights of trans parents, in particular when they have gone through a change of legal gender, regarding guardianship, school activities, social benefits, etc.
  4. The lack of access to reproductive health and rights for rainbow families.
  5. Forced sterilisation of trans people, disabling them from having children.
  6. The lack of access to social rights as a partner. 
  7. The lack of access to goods and services accessible to different-sex couples (housing, consumption goods, hotels, etc.).
  8. How cases of discrimination have a cross-border aspect (e.g. recognised couples in one country that are discriminated against in another country).

The following organisations implement projects under this call:

Bilitis (Bulgary)

The project is aimed at conducting a qualitative research on the situation of rainbow families in Bulgaria and publishing a report in the form of a book for non-commercial use to fill in an important information gap. The research will highlight typical challenges and human rights violations that the rainbow families are facing, and their expectations towards changes of the legal framework, which will improve their status.

Grant awarded: 7000 euro

Háttér Society (Hungary)

The project will map the legal and social situation of same-sex parents and their children in Hungary via an online survey and interviews. The research will explore various forms of de jure and de facto discrimination in accessing fertility treatments and adoption, as well as everyday discrimination in various fields of life. Special attention will be given to experiences with educational institutions: interviews with parents will be complemented by interviews with teachers to better understand their attitudes.

Grant awarded: 6920 euro

Transvanilla (Hungary)

The aim of the project is to map the parenting situation of trans persons in Hungary.  The project is set up on two pillars: data collection and advocacy. Data collection will be implemented through a questionnaire, personal interviews and group discussions. The objective of the fact-based advocacy is to increase awareness of organisations already  working on family issues and to engage with policy/decision makers to identify potential  allies among them.

Grant awarded: 7230 euro

LGBTI Resource Center (Italy)

The project is aimed at conducting census rainbow families in Italy with the scope to produce a report to advocate for the rights of rainbow families in Italy.

Grant awarded: 6800 euro

Trans-Fuzja (Poland)

The aim of the project is to comprehensively map issues (both legal and social) related to family life of trans people, specifically in the context of postponing legal transition due to existing or planned family matters. This mapping will be achieved through a qualitative study of 8–10 trans people who have already started a family or a planning to do so. Complementary to the study, a legal analysis will follow to determine how many of obstacles reported by trans people are within the actual law or legal proceedings.

Grant awarded:  6900 euro

ACCEPT Association (Romania)

Project aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the legal framework in place, with a view to highlight the lack of recognition/discriminatory practices. It will provide tools for evidence based advocacy by documenting the situations of rainbow families, breaches in their rights, and recommendations for improvement of policy/practice. Additionally, the project will support ACCEPT in developing its network of partners promoting equality for rainbow families (through one public event) and by encouraging the sharing of best practices and case law examples from the region.

Grant awarded:  6900 euro