ILGA-Europe's statement on St Petersburg’s ‘propaganda’ law adopted today


Today St. Petersburg’s law-makers adopted – in the third and final reading – the shameful law on prohibition of so-called propaganda of 'sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and paedophilia to minors'. Read the statement from ILGA-Europe here.

The law will enter into force after the signature of St. Petersburg city governor. This law will make it illegal for any organisation or individual to publish an article, hold an event, publicly discuss LGBTI issues.

ILGA-Europe strongly condemns this blatant violation of the right to freedom of expression of LGBTI people in the Russian Federation. Similar laws have already been adopted and enforced in other Russia’s cities and regions: 2006 in Ryazan (2006), in Arkhangelsk (2011) and in Kostroma region (2011). ILGA-Europe repeatedly called on St. Petersburg’s legislators to abandon this discriminatory initiative and called upon European institutions to publicly condemn the breaches of the right of LGBTI people to freedom of expression in the Russian Federation.

St. Petersburg’s legislators have ignored Russia’s international human rights obligations and calls from European and international institutions to withdraw the legislative proposal. In a resolution on the upcoming presidential election in Russia adopted on 16 February 2012, the European Parliament denounced these legislative developments in Russia.

ILGA-Europe reiterates its call to European Institutions to address this egregious breach of the rights of LGBTI people to freedom of expression with the Russian authorities.

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