The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce announces the most gay friendly corporations in the world: IBM, Google, BT Group, Morgan Stanley and Cisco Systems


The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) is pleased to unveil the results of the second edition of the International Business Equality Index.

The International Index is a measurement of the performance of multinational corporations in relation to Diversity and Inclusion issues specifically focusing on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in the countries where they have offices. It serves as an indicator of the diversity leadership taken by global corporations in the local communities in which they serve.

This year the top 5 most LGBT friendly corporations in the world are IBM, Google, BT Group, Morgan Stanley and Cisco Systems. Of these, three were on the top 5 in 2009 – Google and Morgan Stanley are both new to the Index.

According to IGLCC Founding President & Secretary General, Mr. Pascal Lépine, registration in this year’s International Index was more than double the 2009 inaugural year. Twenty five global corporations representing over USD 1 trillion global sales and employing more than 2.2 million people in 220 countries submitted the complete survey.

"IBM is extremely proud to receive this recognition from the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce on behalf of all 400,000 IBMers and our LGBT communities worldwide", said Patricia Lewis, vice president, Diversity and Employee Experience. "IBM's heritage of diversity spans nearly 100 years and we remain focused on continually improving and evolving our innovative global workplace policy practices as we have done throughout our history."

The enthusiastic participation of so many firms in the 2010 Index is an indication of the increasing role global corporations are playing in introducing and championing diversity wherever they have a presence. “International business has an immeasurably important role to play in developing tolerance and diversity throughout the world”, said Mr. Lépine. “Not only do diversity programs such as those measured by the International Index contribute to the communities, but they are good for business and help ensure that every employee is as productive as he or she can be.”

“It is extremely encouraging”, said Mr. David Pollard, Chair of the International Business Equality Index Committee, “that 22 out of the twenty five largest participants in this year’s study had Diversity and Inclusion programs in all of the countries in which they operate, and even more impressive is that the same number included LGBT issues in their global diversity program. This is very exciting and demonstrates how business can contribute to the community globally.”

Again this year, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) and its European Region (ILGA-Europe) have played an instrumental role in its development. "The growth of the Index, and its reinforced global coverage is very good news", said Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini, Co-Secretaries General of ILGA. "In the light of the fact that too many LGBTI people still experience rampant harassment and other forms of discrimination in employment in many workplaces around the world, leading by example is crucial, which is why rewarding the best LGBTI inclusion policies and practices through the 2010 International Index is the best way to indicate other companies the way to follow."

The International Index has been made possible thanks to an international committee that includes gays, lesbians and transgender professionals living and working in nine different countries from Europe and North America.

To download a copy of the Index report, go to:

About the IGLCC

The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany and is based in Montréal, Canada. IGLCC is the world’s leading international LGBT business network, operating in 15 countries through 18 chambers of commerce and business organizations. IGLCC represents the interests of over 55 million Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees, business owners and consumers worldwide.


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