Please participate in an online study about sex and relationships. Receive personalized feedback.

25/05/2013 -31/08/2013
David de Jong - University of Rochester Relationships Lab
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Rochester, NY, USA

If you are in a same-sex relationship, and either dating, partnered, or married, and 18 or older, the University of Rochester Relationships Lab would like to invite you and your partner to participate in an online survey regarding the sexual activities that couples enjoy.
To thank the couples that participate, we are offering to send you and your partner feedback on your responses. This feedback will consist of 2 indices: similarity and accuracy. The first will describes how similar you and your partner are in your preferences, and the second describes how accurately you know each other’s preferences. These scores won’t include any of either your or your partners’ individual responses; rather, the two scores provided will be based on calculations that combine both of your responses regarding the list of sexual activities. Additionally, as points of comparison, we will also give you a range that describes the average scores for other couples who have participated in the study so far.
If you’re interested, you can find more info on the study, the feedback, and confidentiality issues at the link provided. If you participate, please complete it in private, without consulting your partner or anyone else as you answer the questions. The study takes most people about 20 minutes to complete, maybe a bit quicker. At the end of the survey you’ll be given a link to send to your partner. This study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Rochester Research Subjects Review Board.
Thank you!
David de Jong
University of Rochester Relationships Lab

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