Gay marriage: Northern Irish opinion poll shows wide generation gap

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Reposted from Belfast Telegraph:


Day 4 of our exclusive poll reveals young and old are divided on the issue of same-sex marriage

A low proportion of younger voters, just under a fifth (21.5%), are opposed to legal same sex marriage being extended to Northern Ireland on the same basis as in Britain.

Our exclusive poll shows a narrow majority of those expressing any opinion would vote against the measure, but also that opposition is concentrated in the older age bracket and four out of 10 people (42%) have yet to make their minds up.

Although opinion is still split down the middle on the issue, same sex marriage campaigners will take comfort from the closeness of the margin, the high number of undecideds and the strength of support among the young.

Extending marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples is one of the most vexed issues in Northern Ireland.

The DUP is the party most strongly opposed to it of any Executive party. Sinn Fein is in favour, as is Alliance, and both the UUP and SDLP allow a free vote.

When a vote was taken on the issue in May, MLAs voted against it by a margin of 53-42, but the DUP raised a petition of concern that would have allowed them to block it even if it had been passed by MLAs.

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