Gibraltar - 'Positive Business'

Submitted by Equality Rights group (GGR)


Positive Business

‘Positive Business’ is Equality Rights group’s campaign

to ensure best equality practice is applied by

companies and commercial enterprises in Gibraltar.

Business is rooted in people and the community. It is in

the interests of both commerce and consumers to

ensure equality of treatment underpins relations

between users and providers.

The message of equality is an everyday element of

good service – whether you find yourself in a shop, a

bar, a restaurant, a bank, a hotel, a bus or airport.

Business is interested in building opportunity, not

losing it.

It’s at this point, therefore, that Equality Rights group

aims to engage with decision-makers: whether the

business is small or large.

In return, we expect you, the citizen consumer to be

treated fairly, legitimately, and with courtesy. This,

ofcourse, is a two-way street: courteous and fair

treatment is an expectation when courteous and fair

behaviour also forms a part of our own treatment of


This two-way dialogue, therefore, between Equality

Rights group (GGR) and business is what lies behind

the ‘Positive Business’ initiative.

Feel free to contact us. Let us know of any problems

you may face in any particular establishment. Furnish

us with the details, and we will work with you and with

the business concerned to overcome the difficulties.

Often, they arise out of misunderstanding or lack of


Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool. Take note of all the details, pass them on to us. BUT REMEMBER::

· Never accept discrimination

· Never accept abuse

· Never accept second-class treatment

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