President Yanukovych highlights an appreciable role of the LGBT movement in Ukraine

Submitted by Gay Forum of Ukraine

A few months before the Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership the President sensationally highlights an appreciable role of the LGBT movement in Ukraine

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For the first time in the President's Annual Address to the Parliament there is highlighted the role and importance of the LGBT movement in the political life of the country.

The Press Service of Gay Forum of Ukraine has made this information publicly available referring to the official website of the President of Ukraine as a result of thorough analysis of the 576-pages volume Address published few days ago.

Thus, in the chapter "On the state of development of civil society in Ukraine" the President has noted ten public movements which have shown "in 2012 the highest activity." According to the President, they are “organizations of the Chernobyl accident liquidators, entrepreneurs, veterans of the war in Afghanistan, national minorities, defenders of animals’ rights and living conditions of citizens, trade unions, organized groups of Ukrainian intellectuals, football fans and the LGBT movement. Most social events organized by these public associations have had a human rights character” (p. 293).

The LGBT movement in the President’s Address is characterized as "organized", "long-term" and "human rights", it is noted that the LGBT movement operates at both the local and national levels (pp. 293–294).

In the chapter "Humanization of social life – the basic prerequisite for the successful modernization of Ukraine" the President has especially emphasized, "[U]nfavorable situation for the country's future, democratic development of society are caused by that the majority of young people, who now receive secondary education, do not attach significant value to tolerance, [...] respect to [...] human rights, other humanistic [...] values" (pp. 164–165) – that is exactly the values that the movement for LGBT rights promotes in Ukraine for many years.

"It has taken us seven years of hard work with the authorities, public opinion leaders, the media, and the general public to enter the top ten most significant social movements in the country, having been recognized by the Head of State,” comments the message of the President Svyatoslav SHEREMET, the leader of Gay Forum of Ukraine and the coordinator of the project "Empowering civil society to combat discrimination against LGBTI people in Ukraine", implementing by Nash Mir Center in cooperation with international human rights organization The Equal Rights Trust with the support of the European Union. “Of course, we are proud of the President’s appreciation and, naturally, will further develop our cooperation with all constructive social, political and religious forces, as well as state institutions, regardless of their pro-government or opposition coloring. By and large, we do not care who is in power personally, because we try to find the approach to each of them. Politicians come and go, ministries formed and disbanded, political projects flourish and wither, and the LGBT movement against a background of all this shows a high degree of stability and sustainable development. Just because we work for the sake of what is for us the intrinsic value – improving our lives and the lives of our loved ones.”

The Press Service of the Gay Forum of Ukraine would remind that currently in Ukraine there operates 42 non-government and charitable organizations, legalized by judicial authorities, which openly work in the interests of LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Most of these structures are combined within the framework of the Council of LGBT organizations of Ukraine. Among the objectives of the LGBT Council agreed with the Ministry of Justice included such as "achievement in Ukraine full civil equality and social comfort for LGBT people", "creation in Ukraine proper conditions for the full development and social formation of an individual, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity", "formation of the LGBT community in Ukraine as a politically and socially active subject of civil society." In May 2014 Ukraine will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the state registration of the first LGBT organization in our country.

of All-Ukrainian LGBT Association Gay Forum of Ukraine

June 17, 2013, Monday

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