Lutkovska offers EU alternative mechanism to ensure rights of sexual minorities in Ukraine

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Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska proposed to the European side an alternative mechanism to overcome the discrimination of sexual minorities, which is a requirement for visa liberalization between the European Union and Ukraine.

The ombudsperson told this to reporters following a meeting with head of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Home Affairs in Brussels on Wednesday.

"This is a mater regarding the labor rights of persons belonging to sexual minorities who have a different sexual orientation than the traditional. Unfortunately, there are problems to vote for this draft law. In this regard, I offered another way. In essence - it is to create a mechanism for the implementation of the mechanism and its transfer to the Commissioner without including into the document contentious provisions that cause radical response in society," Lutkovska emphasized.

She explained that it is about a legislative expansion of the competence of the Ukrainian ombudsperson, in particular with regard to the protection of citizens' rights in courts.

Lutkovska said that the European side expressed its wishes about such an initiative. "And now we will think how to combine these two positions - the European Union's and that of the Ukrainian side. I think that in the near future - even before the Vilnius summit - we will find the way out of this situation," she said.

It is known that in the process of liberalization of the visa regime between the EU and Ukraine, one of the requirements of the European side is the improvement and optimization of anti-discrimination legislation in the country.

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