Kaos GL Lawyers’ Network to Meet in Ankara

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The last workshop for the Lawyers’ Network Against Discrimination on the Ground of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity will be held in Ankara on September 21,22. During the workshop, exchange of knowledge and experience between lawyers on implications of International Conventions in domestic law, the ECHR precedents, sample cases from Turkey and the problems being faced and case analysis will take place. The program for the workshop is as follows: September 21-22, 2013 Ankara Bar Association Training Centre/Ihlamur Sokak No: 1 Kızılay September 21, 2013 Saturday12.30-13.15 Registration13.15-13.30 Opening13.30-14.00 Ali Erol - Kaos GL / Basic Terms-Where LGBT Rights Stand in the Field of Human Rights14.00-16.00 1st Session Chair: Att. Kerem DikmenAtt. Constantin Cojocariu-Interights/Freedom of expression and LGBT Equality in European Human Rights LawDr. Michelle Farrell-University of Liverpool/Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: The Approach of the European Court of Human Rights 16.00-16.30 Coffee Break16.30-18.30 2nd Session Chair: Att. Müzeyyen NergizHakan Ataman/Hate Crimes on the Ground of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in TurkeyAtt. Taner Kılıç/Asylum Procedure in Turkey - Law on Foreigners and International Protection September 22, 2013 Sunday09.30-10.00 Registration10.00-12.00 1st Session Chair: Att. Hayriye KaraAtt. Oya Aydın/Discrimination on the Ground of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Working LifeAtt. Sinem Hun/Trans Reassignment Procedure (Civil Code Article 40)Att. Öncel Polili/The Only Region in Europe Where Homosexual Relations Between Men are Criminalized -X vs Turkey12.00-12.45 Lunch12.45-14.45 2nd Session Chair: Umut GünerAtt. Veysel Ok/ Kaos GL Magazine Case and Lambda İstanbul Closure CaseAtt. Fırat Söyle/Ahmet Yıldız Case-Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ CaseAtt. Rozerin Seda Kip/ Sheltering: Lynch Attempt to Trans People in the Neighborhood of Avcılar in İstanbulAtt. Ahmet Toköz/ Torture, Ill-treatment and Misdemeanor Law * The Lawyers’ Network Against Discrimination is being co-sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and Dutch Embassy in Ankara. You can join the network by sending a letter of interest to hukuk@kaosgl.org

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