Netherlands - Unprotected Acts on Stage - Premiere of Aputheatre'sPrisoners of SEX

23/11/2006 -15/12/2006
7.50 / 5.00 Euros -10.00 / 7.50 Euros
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Please find below information about our new production 'Prisoners of SEX'.

The performance focuses on the realities of unprotected sex among gay men.

We open on Thursday 23rd November in Nijmegen.

Further perfromances are scheduled in Amsterdam from Nov 30 - Dec 15.

Best regards

Rod Evan, Coordinator, Aputheatre.

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Sex in the 21st Century is a risky business. Whether through frustration, desire

or boredom we have all been tempted to lose our inhibitions and take our sexual

lives to a new level.

In an incisive and compelling performance 'Prisoners of SEX' presents 10

characters, five situations and one obsession, unprotected sex. Vienna,

London, Bratislava, Amsterdam and Berlin are the settings for scenarios that

across Europe are being repeated and replayed. The themes are familiar, but the

desires are compulsive, the motivations complex and the risks, shared.

'Prisoners of Sex' is a new theatre performance written and directed by John

Roman Baker for Aputheatre as part of the national action week ' Take Care ?

all about HIV' The backdrop to this production is the number of new HIV and STI

infections that is rising in the Netherlands and other European countries.

This rise is attributed to an increase in unsafe sex. In the gay community this

rise has been particularly noticeable. The phenomenon of so-called 'barebacking'

has grabbed a few headlines in recent years, but discussion in the gay media ab

out the issue has been sporadic and contradictory. Often bareback porn is openly

promoted as a sexual ideal alongside the tired and predictable safer sex

messages that have become so familiar over the past 15 years.

Explored with humour and first-hand insight, 'Prisoners of SEX' is an incisive,

amusing, irreverent expose of gay male sex that doesn't flinch from exploring

the taboo of unprotected sex.

Coordinator of Amsterdam based Aputheatre, Rod Evan, explains "People have

a lot of preconceived ideas about 'bareback' sex. Some associate it with darkroom

s, others just with porn. The reality though is that most unsafe sex probably

occurs in stable relationships, but that doesn't make it any less of an issue.

Sex without condoms is so controversial. Perhaps the reason is that

people seem to find it such a turn-on! In 'Prisoners of SEX' we don't prese

nt asimple black and white message. Our aim is to entertain and at the same tim

e to get people thinking about their own desires and behaviour.'

'Prisoners of SEX' gets its premiere on Thursday 23 November at the Doornroosje

venue in Nijmegen. There are 5 further performances in Amsterdam's Pleintheater

on 30 November and 1, 2, 14 & 15 December. The company will also make a special appearance on World AIDS Day (1 December) at the Lovedance event in Paradiso.

The performances are in English.

'Prisoners of SEX' is presented by Aputheatre as part of the 'Take Care - all

about HIV' action week. The production is made possible with support

from Schorer, Aids Fonds, GGD Nijmegen and COC Nijmegen. For more information

about 'Take Care - all about HIV' visit the link:

Performance Data ? 'Prisoners of SEX'


Date: 23.11.2006

Time: 20.00

Venue: Doornroosje, Groenewoudseweg 322, 6525 EL Nijmegen

Tickets: 7.50 / 5.00

Reservations: COC Nijmegen, (024) 360 0345



Dates: 30 November & 1, 2, 14, 15 December

Time: 20.30

Venue: Pleintheater, Sajetplein39, 1091DB Amsterdam

Tickets: ?10.00 / ?7.50

Reservations: Phone: Pleintheater (020) 693 3380

AUB: 0900 0191



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