Netherlands still most gay-friendly nation

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The Netherlands is still in the global vanguard in terms of social acceptance of homosexuality, a position it shares with Sweden and Denmark.

A survey by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) shows that 10 percent of the Dutch population still do not accept homosexuality, a five-percent decrease compared to 2006.

However, contrary to expectations, homosexual people now feel less safe despite growing indignation about violence against them. Researchers at the SCP say this could be because the media now pay more attention to the issue than previously.

The research shows that, in particular, orthodox Christians and Muslims, non-Western migrants and young people still have the most difficulty in accepting homosexuality. Half of those interviewed who said they attended church at least once a week said they did not approve of homosexuality.

The SCP survey also showed that many schoolchildren have problems accepting homosexuality, which means that school is not always a safe environment for gay pupils. Nearly a third of students in secondary education say it would not be possible for a fellow student to be openly homosexual, while an equal number indicate they are not sure whether this would be possible.

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