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Submitted by Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit

The Dutch Network on Bisexuality LNBi (Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit) is working on acceptance and visibility of bisexuals in The Netherlands. We organise meetings, comingout-weekends, contribute to education on LGBT at schools, lobby for more visibility of bisexuals in policy reports, and inform the relevant organisations, media and politics on specific bisexual issues, such as problems with comingout, biphobia, invisibility etc. We have set up several online research tests (how bi are you, how hetero are you) and right now we are starting a small online research on coming out problems and possiblities for bisexuals. The results will be presented in the weekend after the national Coming Out Day.
On 14-15 October 2011 we will organise our third Holland Bicon, a weekend with workshops, fun, discussions, party for and by bisexuals.

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