Call for candidates for the Jos Brink Award 2013 and LGBT Emancipation Innovation Award 2013

02/01/2013 -17/05/2013
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of The Netherlands
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The Dutch Government Minister Bussemaker is appealing for candidates to be put forward for the 2013 Jos Brink Award and the Innovation Award for Gay Liberation. The Jos Brink Award is an oeuvre award and an accolade given in recognition of the work of a person, group or institution that has made a useful contribution to the liberation of gay men and women, bisexual men and women, and transgender people (LGBT people).

The awards are presented on 17 May, the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), in the Diligentia theatre in The Hague.

With the presentation of the Jos Brink gay liberation award, the Government Cabinet of Ministers underlines the significance of gay liberation as a component of general government policy and the importance that they attach to the promotion of social acceptance for this group of people in Dutch society and beyond. The award consists of a cash prize of 10,000 euros and a work of art. The winner of the Innovation Award receives a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

This Government Award is named after the famous Dutch entertainer Jos Brink (1942-2007), who devoted himself in various ways to promoting the acceptance of homosexuality. The award was presented to Henk Krol of the Gaykrant (a gay newspaper) and to the Friends of the Gaykrant Foundation in 2009. In 2011 it was awarded to the Volunteers at the COC (a gay outreach and support organisation). The prize is awarded in recognition of an extraordinary contribution made to promote the social acceptance of gay and transgender people in the Netherlands.

The award’s jury consists of Sara Kroos (Chairperson), Karin Bloemen, Arthur Japin, Jörgen Raymann and Rik van de Westelaken.

Deadline of submission of candidates: end of February 2013.

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