Swedish adults is now free to adopt names traditionally belonging to the opposite sex


Tuesday the 30th of September 2009, the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court (Regeringsrätten) ruled that Jan-Olov Ågren can now add 'Madeleine' to his name.

Source: The Local and RFSL (only in Swedish)

The court ruling means that all Swedish public administrations are forced recognise that adults now have the right to choose first names, no matter what was traditionally regarded as male or female.

"Congratulations Madeleine! The ruling means that state paternalism of individuals are gone in this area. Each adult can now decide for themselves what they should be named", says Soren Juvas, chairperson of RFSL.

"Verdict is a victory for transgender people, RFSL and all others who fought for many years to get the public administration to change its use of the law regarding names", said Soren Juvas.

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