Slovenia conducts first gay civil wedding

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Two men became Slovenia's first same-sex couple married in a civil ceremony,
a rite they described as humiliating and awful.

Mitja Blazic and Niki Kern, residents of Ljubljana, legalized their
partnership under a law passed in July that permits same-sex marriages,
Serbia's FoNet news agency reported Thursday.
The two were married by a Ljubljana municipal registration official in a
state office. No friends or relatives were allowed to attend.

Blazic criticized the law allowing same-sex marriages as discriminatory,
when compared with heterosexual marriages.
He said the ceremony had no solemn atmosphere and added, "It looked more
like a car registration, not a wedding ceremony," FoNet said.

The law says that same-sex couples must report 30 days in advance to the
civil registration office and submit documents testifying they are sane,
healthy and unmarried.

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