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Dear Juris et al,

I wanted to share news on a report that we published on the 10th of December on a national level on Monitoring and recording of cases of discrimination and rights violations against LGBT (gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgedered) people in Slovenia. The report is available in English here:


Major findings of the report stress the following:

- The most common and most dangerous form of violence experienced by LGBT people in Slovenia is psychological violence, followed by physical violence, intimidation, threats, hate speech and refused access to goods and services.

- Homophobic violence most often occurs in the public space, in school, at workplace, in the family, and also from service providers (Health service specifically men tioned).

- The findings of the research also clearly point out that Slovenia lacks detailed research in occurrence and frequency of violence against the LGBT community.

- The level of reporting of homophobic violence in Slovenia is extremely low, in spite of the fact that more than 63 % of participants in the research reported that they had already experienced such violence.

- When LGBTs are victims of violent criminal offences the treatment of these acts is no different form treatment of other cases where the motive of homophobia is not present, although homophobia is the motive for the criminal offence.

- The occurrence and frequency of homophobic violence are not known, because the police do not keep separate statistics on homophobic violence, and the data clearly suggests that the majority of such cases are never reported.

- The legislature of the Republic of Slovenia regulating the status of same–sex partnerships contains large legal gray areas, which do not provide registered same-sex partners with equal access to economic and social rights on the basis of registered partnership.

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