Project "Diversity Makes Us Richer : Not Poorer"

Submitted by Peace Institute

Recent research on the everyday life of gays and lesbians in Slovenia conducted by the Peace Institute
(see has shown that 53% of gays and lesbians suffered from different
kinds of and violence and discrimination due to their sexual orientation. The majority of them still fear
to talk about their sexual orientation at work (49% have not come out to their coworkers or only to
few of them) because they might experience mockery or discrimination. These statistics have led the
Peace Institute in cooperation with the EU "For Diversity. Against Discrimination." campaign to launch
the CD project entitled "Diversity makes us richer, not poorer".

The CD includes three films showing everyday situations that gays and lesbians are confronted with
in addition to useful information on the subject for teachers, employers and potential victims of
discrimination. The project's main objective was to activate and promote the idea of “intimate
citizenship” referring to the fundamental right to actively participate in public (and private) life as a
sexual person regardless of one's sexual orientation.

The CD-rom project "Diversity Makes Us Reacher : Not Poorer" was made by the Peace Institute
(Slovenia) in cooperation with Amnesty International Slovenia and Association for the integration of homosexuality (Slovenia). The project was made possible by EC program "Promotion of Active
European Citizenship" and campaign "For Diversity. Against Discrimination."

To read the content of the CD online in English, please visit

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