Lesbian couple beaten and humiliated

Submitted by Tatjana Greif, Lesbian Section SKUC-LL

In the night of 3rd of September 2010 a violent homophobic incident took place in Club Gromka in Ljubjana. A lesbian couple was standing at the bar desk, hugging and kissing each other. In the moment when one of the girls turned away from her girlfriend to order a drink, the other girl was surrounded by three skinheads, two men and a woman. One of them stepped very close to her and urinated on her legs. Shocked about the brutality of this act she confronted him and asked “What did you do just now?” and he shouted back “I just pissed on you!” In the next moment they started to hit her on the head, and tried to hit her with a broken bottle. The attackers were shouting “Go to Tiffany!” (Tiffany is a gay bar in Ljubljana). Both victims jumped over the bar desk to find shelter and than locked themselves into a toilet, from where they called the police.

When the police arrived they identified the two men and fined them for offence of disturbance of public order and let them go, while a woman attacker escaped; the next day she was identified by the witnesses of the incident and her name was reported to the police. Both lesbian women victims of the attack reported the crime to the police; one of them brought criminal charges against the attackers because of violence and humiliation she suffered.

The police procedure was rather incorrect with regard to the victims. The police considers the incident only as an offence and not as hate crime and tries to reduce the incident only as physical violence denying the hate-crime elements, homophobic motive for violence and the incitement of hatred based on sexual orientation. Therefore the case was reported to the ombudsman as well.

Tatjana Greif, Lesbian Section SKUC-LL

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