Excuse me, miss, are you a Lesbian? A report on LGBT teachers in Slovenia

The main aim of the project “Excuse me, Miss, are you a Lesbian?” was to gather data on whether the Slovene school space allows LGBT teachers to truly carry out their primary mission without restrictions, whether it enables them to offer all available support to all their students, and whether it openly allows them to be who they are, in their entirety, at their workspace.

The incentive for the research came precisely from the observed increased pressure on the students, teachers and other educational staff, who recognised the importance of the discussion on homosexuality in the school environment. The experiences and stories that we received through our online questionnaire and semi-structured interviews represent an important insight into the experiences of LGBT teachers and professors in the school
environment. In short, they reveal a deep misunderstanding rooted in the school environment regarding this personal circumstance and identify a strong need for additional education about the specific circumstance of the same-sex orientation for all employees in educational institutions.

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