Vučić defends Pride Parade ban

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Aleksandar Vučić has said the decision to ban Pride Parade and all other assemblies in Belgrade was "the only right decision, made in the interest of citizens."

"This does not mean that hooligans have defeated the government," the deputy Pm told reporters in Koceljeva over the weekend, and according to reports ."asked what would happen if someone was killed during Pride Parade, who would be the winner then and who would bear the responsibility."

"Should the price of holding Pride Parade be hundreds of smashed shop windows and injured policemen and citizens?," he said.
Vučić said that he conferred with EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule and Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michel Davenport who expressed concern over the Pride Parade ban.
"We understand that, but the decision was made in the interest of the Serbian citizens," Vučić said.

"No regrets"

Aleksandar Vučić has said that the decision to ban a Pride Parade was the only right one, as it would not have been a problem to secure the LGBT population's march, but it would not have been possible to prevent wider clashes.
In a live broadcast on the Belgrade-based TV Pink on Sunday evening, Vučić said he did not regret the decision and had not lost any sleep over it, as no one had been hurt.
He is of the opinion that the rights of the LGBT population in Serbia are not jeopardized, noting that apart from rare exceptions, there are no homophobic statements.
According to Vučić, Serbia's obligation is to respect the rights of the LGBT population, but the Pride Parade ban was the best solution, adding that even foreign officials realized that, despite having been so quick to throw criticism.
Vučić says that the Serbian society will be ready for such an event in the future, but for the time being, it is his job and that of Serbian Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić to make sure that people are safe and that scenes that were witnessed during such events in the streets of Belgrade do not repeat again.
The plan was that special police forces get hold of and arrest all possible attackers, Vučić said, adding that in such circumstances, there was a great risk that many people would have been injured.

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