PM says gay parade "good for country" - but he won't attend

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PM Ivica Dačić has said that the holding of the Belgrade Pride would be "good for the country" - but that he "certainly won't be taking part".

The parade has been scheduled for Saturday.

"I am in favor of everybody's constitutional right to express their diversity, but it is my right not to go there. We shouldn't go to the other extreme and ingratiate ourselves with everybody. What am I supposed to do now, become gay, so that everything's pro-European," Dačić said.
The prime minister noted that the gay parade would be "good for Serbia because the European Unione asked for it," but that it would be "a great pity if the violence that happened during the parade held in 2010 were to repeat."
According to Dačić, who also serves as interior minister, a security assessment of this planned public gathering has not been done yet, while the government and the police "carry great responsibility":
"It's not merely a question of whether we're in favor of the parade, but whether we're in favor of the citizens' security."

With rights come responsibility. If the LGBT realises there will be criminal damage and people will get hurt, shouldn't they call it off for the greater good. As Ned says, it's only one day, stay at home etc. Well, if it is so inconsequential, why upset the vast majority. Perhaps wait for a better time. I am neither for or against btw.
(Jeff, 26 September 2013 17:34)

Well, tomorrow the majority might be upset because you are living... Are you willing to die in order not to upset the majority ?!!!!

If some people X want to exercise their right to assembly, it is the duty of the state to ensure its safety from criminal acts otherwise tomorrow when people Y will want to assemble, for example, to scream that "Kosovo is Serbia", they can also be told that there will be criminal damage and people will get hurt and therefore they can't assemble.

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