ILGA-Europe monitoring the Belgrade Pride


On Sunday the 20th of September, Belgrade Pride will take place, and ILGA-Europe is sending two representatives to support and monitor the Pride.

In 2001 Belgrade Pride was violently broken up by groups of nationalists and members of right-wing organizations. Since then no pride events has been taken place in Belgrade. During the last couple of weeks advanced warnings have come to ILGA-Europe’s knowledge that the parade would be attacked. The Ministry of Interior has promised support and sufficient police protection, however the risk of violence is still high.

As a sign of our concern with the situation in Belgrade, ILGA-Europe is sending two representatives to take part in the Pride March: Nataša Sukič, Board Member of the Executive Board of ILGA-Europe and Maxim Anmeghichean, Programmes Director of ILGA-Europe. They will be ready to immediately report any human rights violations to the Council of Europe and the EU.

Read the support letter from ILGA-Europe to the Belgrade Pride

Read the press release from OSCE about Belgrade Pride

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