EU pressured Belgrade to hold Pride Parade, minister claims

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić has stated that Brussels exerted pressure on Belgrade to hold the Pride Parade.

“It is true that there were calls and pressures from Brussels to hold the Parade at any price. However, I should better be responsible for the cancellation of the event than for blood on the streets,” Dačić told daily Večernje novosti. He did not say precisely whose call from the EU administration he had received.

The interior minister said that the rights of the gay community were not jeopardized, given that all risky gatherings scheduled for Sunday were also banned.

“I am a Serbian interior minister and I am not an EU commissioner for the internal affairs. Therefore, I am more familiar with the security risks in my country. The intelligence services informed me that serious violation of public peace and order is expected with possible jeopardy of human lives and property, as well as setting fire at embassies. I have no dilemma that any of my EU colleagues would do the same if faced with a similar challenge,” he was quoted as saying.

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