Constitutional Court in Serbia rules in favor of a trans person - first case in history of Serbia

Submitted by Gayten-LGBT

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia has today accepted the plea of the person who after the sex change operation did not get the right to a change of name in the birth register.

The Constitutional Court has ascertained that the person who appealed, and had been registered as a woman in the birth register after the birth, underwent a sex change procedure and is now living as a male, but is still being treated as a female in the legal sense, as it has been reported on the Court's website.

The court has also ascertained that the municipality management in its act of concluding that the case was not in its jurisdiction, denied the applicant's right to dignity and personality development.

The Court has ordered the municipality management to decide upon the applicant's request for the change of sex data in the birth register in the following 30 days.
This is an act of historical importance for trans people in Serbia, since they are faced with a myriad of problems in view of Serbian state institutions. Thus we hope that this decision will aid the passing of the new law suggested by Gayten-LGBT organization, and supported by the Coalition Against Discrimination. This law would regulate the crucial issues in the domain of sex change procedure in Serbia.

Translation: Milica Jeremic


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