Moscow parliament to adopt law banning propaganda of "all sexual relations" among minors

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Moscow city parliament deputies are planning to develop a city law prohibiting "propaganda of sexual relationships among minors," the parliament's speaker Vladimir Platonov said to Interfax news agency on Monday.

"Moscow needs such a law, prohibiting not only non-traditional relations, but any kinds of sexual relations. We must work on it," he said after the discussion devoted to the ban of "propaganda of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender among minors."

Moreover, Platonov said he thinks such law should be adopted all over Russia, that is why Moscow Parliament is going to address the Federation Council so that they together would develop the law initiative.

The law "About banning propaganda of pedophilia and homosexuality among minors" was adopted in Saint Petersburg on March 11, 2012. A month later, deputies of Novosibirsk region submitted a similar law to the State Duma so that it would be adopted on the federal level. There has been no decision yet.

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