LGBT community calls on Europe Council to expel Russia

Submitted by ILGA-Europe

Reposted from The Voice of Russia:

Over a thousand of gay rights supporters have signed an online petition to banish Russia from the European Council. The organizers plan to collect 3,000 signatures.

"A country that openly discriminates between the ‘first’ and ‘second-rank’ citizens and has a record of violating international laws can’t be a member of the European Council," the author of the “Stop LGBT discrimination in Russia” petition writes.

The petition is to be forwarded to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE). It calls on PACE to take action against gay hate laws in Russia or even banish the country from the ranks of its member states.

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov vowed that the ban on “gay propaganda” didn’t breach international norms. The Russian foreign chief also stressed that Moscow had never clamped down on the rights of LGBT community.

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