Detained in Anti-Homophobia Protest on Red Square

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Reposted from The Moscow Times:

Police have detained five opposition activists on Red Square for organizing a demonstration against new anti-gay legislation, a news report said Monday.

Administrative cases will be opened against the activists, who could be fined as the demonstration was held without a permit from the Moscow authorities, Interfax reported.

According to media reports, the activists on Sunday lit flares and held a rainbow-colored poster that read "Homophobia is riffraffs' religion."

Last month, the State Duma approved a bill that banned so-called "homosexual propaganda," a term that lawmakers presumably use for gay rights demonstrations, by introducing fines of up to $16,000 for promoting homosexuality among minors.

The bill became law late last month, after President Vladimir Putin signed it along with a bill banning homosexual couples from adopting children.

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