Day of Remembrance of gays and lesbians - the victims of political repression in Russia

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Translated by ILGA-Europe. Orginal article (in Russian):


On 17 December, the Russian LGBT Network organised the Day of Remembrance of gays and lesbians - the victims of political repression. 80 years ago the Soviet Union imposed criminal prosecution for consensual homosexual relations between adults. Especially for this day Russian LGBT activists organised a rally in St. Petersburg's Hyde Park on the Mars Field to pay tribute to the people who are affected by Article 121 of the Criminal Code of the Soviet Russia, and draw attention to the political persecution of LGBT people in the country today.

About 30-40 people participated in the rally. Participants were holding candles and posters of people who were imprisoned or even killed for being homosexuals. Chairperson of the Russian LGBT Network Igor Kochetkov, activist Chyzhevsky who was injured in November during the homophobic attack, and the representative of Russia's oldest LGBT organisation "Wings" David Zeevi held short speeches.

Due to the security measures undertaken homophobes did not know in advance about the action, which helped to avoid collisions this time. Police that protected the action was very friendly. They look with interest at the portraits and rainbow flags, listened to speeches and when the action was over accompanied the participants to the subway.

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