1st International Conference on LGBT Psychology and related fields – Coming out for LGBT Psychology in the current international scenario

20/06/2013 -22/06/2013
Henrique Pereira, Isabel Leal, Carla Moleiro, Pedro Alexandre Costa
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During the last decades there has been an increase in the theoretical and empirical body of knowledge in LGBT psychology and related fields. However, this new body of knowledge is still somewhat dispersed and not widespread, which makes the process of affirming LGBT topics very difficult in the current international scientific scenario.
It is unequivocal that both Psychology and other social and medical sciences can, and should, contribute to improve the lives of LGBT people, with the purpose of emphasizing the psychosocial experience of sexual minority people by challenging the social oppression these people are faced with, especially in terms of homophobia and prejudice.
In this regard, the 1st International Conference of LGBT Psychology will be an invitation for the diverse scientific communities to spread, disseminate and debate research on LGBT topics, under the assumption that these topics may have political, social, and scientific implications. It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a more equitable and fair society, and this Conference will be a unique opportunity to dignify the academic studies on LGBT topics within a psychological context.


This 1st International Conference on LGBT Psychology and related fields has the main objective of making LGBT Psychology visible, thus achieving a significant contribution to the civic, social and sustainable development in the current world that respect sexual diversity, so to bridge the gap between LGBT research and the community realities in with LGBT people live in.
In that sense, the 1st International Conference on LGBT Psychology and related fields has the following specific objectives:

  • To affirm LGBT Psychology has a viable and legitimate discipline from a scientific standpoint, and with a particular body of knowledge;
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research and experiences of professionals involved in any activity related to the LGBT field, with particular emphasis on LGBT Psychology;
  • To contribute to the development of adequate social and community responses to priority areas of intervention as defined by governments and social organizations in the field of sexual minorities;
  • To promote, defend and disseminate models and good practices in LGBT Psychology.


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