Biedron and Grodzka at ILGA-Europe Conference

Submitted by KPH

Newly elected Polish MP’s Robert Biedron and Ania Grodzka (Palikot Movement) were the speakers at the opening panel of ILGA-Europe´s conference in Turin, Italy on Oct. 27.

After their great success of being elected as the first openly gay and transgender people to Polish Parliament, ILGA-Europe was enthused to have them as keynote speakers at their conference entitled “Human Rights and ‘Traditional Values’: clash or dialogue”. Grodzka and Biedron both told the 350 person conference about how they were elected in strongly Catholic Poland. They also gave advice on how other countries could also elect their own openly LGBT politicians.

“At this point I realize how my dreams even 15 years ago of being elected were not so outrageous. It *is* possible and insist on having these dreams”, advised Biedron. Grodzka said “I was elected in conservative Krakow with an anticlerical platform. We can’t assume that being openly LGBT will exclude us”.

The crowd was extremely honored to meet both speakers and greeted them with loud applause.

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