The first article about homophobia intended for culture, education and science professionals in Montenegro “Equality of all citizens – the only correct way”

In the latest issue of “Prosvjetni rad”, magazine for culture, education and science professionals in Montenegro, published the article entitled “Equality of all citizens – the only correct way”, dealing with the problem of homophobia in Montenegrin society. It was written by Tamara Milić, senior adviser in the Ministry of Education and Sports, as a result of cooperation between this Ministry and NGO Juventas.

This magazine, featuring for the first time an article dealing with negative influence of homophobia, was distributed to all schools. It contains the official attitude pointing out the need of building up a society free of homophobia, as well as the importance of active involvement of education and teaching sectors in this process.

In its conclusion, Tamara Milić gives full support to the rights of LGBT persons and emphasizes the need to learn objectively about sexuality and sexual orientation, saying: „In accordance with the commitment of the state of Montenegro to provide equal rights to all of its citizens, it is necessary to reexamine dominant social attitudes and face stereotypes and prejudices concerning LGBT persons. This is the only correct way which can ensure respect of human rights, promote tolerance in all segments of society, provide thorough legal protection and social inclusion of people with different sexual orientation”… “The foundation of equality policy is providing objective information related to sexual orientation and gender identity. This is the way to ensure education in an environment without violence, bullying, social exclusion or other forms of discriminatory and humiliating treatment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

We remind that in November 2012 Juventas carried out a research among high-school students[1], which demonstrated high level of homophobia. At the end of 2010, a disciplinary action was imposed upon a psychology teacher from a high-school in Podgorica for publicly spreading homophobic messages. Field data show lack of educational materials about sexual orientation and homophobia in the implementation of school curricula.

Therefore, the active involvement of the Ministry of Education and Sports in the campaign against homophobia represents an important contribution, heartily welcomed by Juventas on this occasion.

The proactive approach taken by the Ministry of Education and Sports in the Government of Montenegro with respect to the human rights of LGBT persons offers more possibilities for providing security in school environment, decreasing violence and discrimination through education, with the aim of creating a society with equal opportunities.


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