Adopted Strategy for improvement of quality of life of the LGBT persons

Submitted by LGBT Forum Progress

LGBT Forum Progress, a non-governmental organization that visibly gathers and represents the rights and interests of the LGBT community in Montenegro, welcomes the unanimous adoption of the draft of the Strategy for improving the quality of life of LGBT people by the Governments Council for Protection against Discrimination presided by the Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic

The draft of the Strategy was presented trough the practical, high-quality and professional text which concisely covers all aspects of life of LGBT community and really helps to the improvement of better status and lives of LGBT people.

LGBT Forum Progress actively advocated the adoption of this strategic document and promoted it within the LGBT community and the international LGBT movement. During the work on the document extensive communication has been held with the international LGBT groups and experts. This has helped in defining solutions of key importance for life, work and progress of each individual from the LGBT community.

The document is positive because it provides a hand of reconciliation and to help to those who are currently opposed to the concept of equality of all citizens regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Member of the European Parliament and the president of the LGBT Intergroup Urlike Lunacek have congratulated LGBT Forum Progress for the success. Also she wish good luck for the implementation which will improve lives of LGBT citizens and open minds and hearts of people in general.

LGBT Forum Progress expresses gratitude to the local LGBT community, professionals in the government, LGBT organizations and experts from the region and Europe in an active role in the preparation and adoption of the first national LGBT policy.

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