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ILGA-Europe welcomes first Pride March in Podgorica

On 20 October, the first LGBTI Pride March took place in Podgorica. The Pride March was supported by the Montenegrin government and the Montenegrin police provided adequate protection to the participants from numerous and violent protesters by escorting the marchers to military base outside the city after the event.


ILGA-Europe condemns violence at first Pride in Montenegro

Today LGBTI activists and their supporters staged the first Pride March in Budva, Montenegro. The participants of the March were subjected to physical violence, incitement to killings and other verbal abuse by about 200 protesters. Some participants were injured and a number of protesters were arrested.


Podgorica Pride replaced by a Conference on LGBT Rights, Freedom of Expression and Assembly

Podgorica Pride, which was planned to take place on the 31 May 2011, was postponed. Following the incidents during the IDAHO day event and the failure of the police to ensure the safety of the participant of the event, LGBT Forum Progress, the organiser of Podgorica Pride postponed the Pride, replacing it with a Conference on LGBT Rights, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly and/or Sexual Structural Stigma in Montenegro.

ILGA-Europe at the conference 'Montenegro - a brighter spot on the LGBT map’

On 28 March Juventas organised a conference Montenegro-a brighter spot on the LGBT map. Representatives from the government of Montenegro and the civil society as well as the EU Delegation in Montenegro and ILGA-Europe were invited to speak in the conference.


Commissioner Hammarberg continues dialogue with the authorities on the protection of the human rights of LGBT persons

Commissioner Hammarberg has published on 8 December 2010 a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, calling for further improvements in fighting against discrimination towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons.


Montenegro fulfils EU membership requirement and protects LGBT people from discrimination

On 27 July 2010, the Parliament of Montenegro with a large majority (67 votes for, 6 votes against and 4 abstained) adopted all inclusive anti-discrimination law which bans discrimination in on the grounds of various characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Report and monitor hate crime - submissions to European and international institutions

Reporting and monitoring are crucial to raise awareness within national and European institutions, among law enforcement officers and the public. Hence, developing a reporting and monitoring strategy is a prerequisite for an efficient advocacy to call on policy makers to adopt laws and implement policies against violence.

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