MPs to vote on Civil Unions Bill today

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Reposted from Malta Today:

Legal recognition of same-sex couples just hours awayIn what will be a historic step for civil rights, MPs will vote on the passing of a civil unions bill this evening. It is not known how the Opposition will vote or whether its representatives will abstain. All government MPs are expected to vote in favour. The bill will grant same-sex couples the legal protections, priviledges and obligations granted to married heterosexual couples, including the right to adopt children jointly. The bill has drawn some criticism for the latter, however PM Joseph Muscat said that this would be in the best interest of children, ensuring that both parents are carefully vetted by the adoption board. Previously, gay people could adopt children by applying as a single parent and hiding their relationships with their partners. The Malta Gay Rights Movement will be holding a celebration this evening, to commemorate this important landmark for minority rights, after the bill passes.

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