Annual Review 2011


Equality and non-discrimination

  • In February, Rosa Lëtzebuerg and Transgender Luxembourg organised a seminar for lawyers on The rights of LGBT persons: state and perspectives in collaboration with the Centre for Equal Treatment.
  • In July, Transgender Luxembourg in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg held a conference on trans issues in the framework of the GayMat (Pride Week). Transgender Luxembourg also gave presentations on trans issues at the University in May and December.


The 2010 bill to reform marriage and adoption legislation which aims, amongst other things, to introduce marriage equality for same-sex couples and regulate adoption by same-sex couples continued its passage through the legislature, with NGOs Rosa Lëtzebuerg and Transgender Luxembourg submitting opinions on the proposed legislation. The bill also aims to guarantee that a married person wishing to change their gender for civil status purposes will not be obliged to divorce. The bill was still before Parliament at the end of the year.

Legal gender recognition

In March, Member of Parliament Jean Colombera submitted two written questions to the Minister for Health relating to the question of intersex identity. The first question related to the possibility of a third gender registration whereby the children’s sex may be registered as ‘undetermined’ on birth certifi cates thanks to a special form. The second question suggested it might be appropriate to run a public information campaign allowing intersex individuals to make themselves known so that the number of intersex people in Luxembourg could be established. The Minister for Health replied that there were no plans to conduct such a study.

In December, Member of Parliament Jean Colombera asked other parliamentary questions to the Minister for Equal Opportunities. He wanted to know what the Minister intended to do in the field of equal opportunities to ensure that the rights of intersex people was respected, and he wondered if it might not be necessary to amend the Constitution to include a third gender. He also suggested it might be appropriate to develop a law on “identity related to gender” to guarantee equality of opportunity for intersex individuals. He asked what the Minister’s position was on the forced ‘genital normalisation’ on children and adolescents without their consent. The Minister of Justice rather than the Minister for Equal Opportunities answered the question stating that there was no immediate need to take action on the issue of sex but that the government was following all discussions on the matter at the international level. In December, Déi Lénk (the Left Party) submitted a motion to the Luxembourg City Council requesting that the City Council examine the possibility for people to change their gender in the register of civil status solely on the basis of their affi rmation, and hence without having to submit proof of any kind.


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