Voting today for defiance of family – fines for thousands are suggested

Submitted by Lithuanian Gay League

The Parliament Committee on State Administration and Local Authoritiesapproves that it would be possible to punish for public defiance of family.

Appointed as principal the abovementioned committee on 14th of January was considering the draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations, proposed by MP Petras Gražulis.

In the revised amendment it is suggested to foresee administrative responsibility for public defiance of Constitution established family values by carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters, slogans, audiovisual means and other kind of actions.

In the amendment it is foreseen that such kind of actions will result in a fine from 1000 till 3000 litas (from 290 till 870 euros). The repeated offense would result in a fine from 3000 till 6000 litas (from 870 till 1740 euros).



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