Voting on Thursday in Parliament for narrowing the concept of family

Submitted by Lithuanian Gay League

This week the voting for the amendment of the Constitution will take place during an unordinary session of Seimas. The abovementioned amendment would redefine the constitutionally protected concept of a family emerging from a traditional marriage of a man and a woman and/or from motherhood or fatherhood.

MP Rimantas Jonas Dagys, who originally proposed the amendment of Article 38 of the Constitution, suggests these extra supplements: “a family is created by marriage”, “families also emanate from motherhood and fatherhood”, “the State protects and takes care of the marriage”.

According to the European Law Department under the Ministry of Justice, if that Constitutional amendment will be approved, certain persons, e.g. cohabitants who do not have children but live together and share a household, would lose the family status. In the meantime, they are acknowledged as a family. Consequently such persons would experience discrimination as the protection that is guaranteed in several articles of the Constitution (and other legislative acts) would not cover them anymore.


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