Vilnius authorities issue permission for gay pride parade through Gediminas Avenue

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Reposted from The Lithuania Tribune:

Vilnius Municipality on Wednesday issued permission for a gay pride parade through the Lithuanian capital’s central Gediminas Avenue.

“Executing the court ruling, the Events Coordination Commission allowed organising the parade,” Andrej Zukovski of Vilnius Municipality’s Public Relations Division told BNS.

The municipality had previously refused to permit a gay pride parade through Gediminas Avenue but Vilnius Regional Administrative Court ordered Vilnius authorities to do so. On Tuesday, the Chief Administrative Court of Lithuania rejected the municipality’s appeal.

The court also said that Vilnius Regional Administrative Court was right in its ruling that the march through Gediminas Avenue chosen by the organisers “would ensure a proper balance of personal rights and public interests”.

“Democracy does not simply mean the reign of the majority attitude. By ensuring democratic pluralism, the state has positive duties to ensure effective use of the right to peaceful assemblies also for persons with non-popular views or minority members,” the court said in a statement.

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