“Public family defilement” bill removed from parliament agenda

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Lithuanian lawmakers were scheduled to vote on establishing fines for “public family defilement,” on Thursday but completely removed it from the parliamentary agenda instead.

According to reports, 39 MPs voted to remove the bill from the parliamentary agenda, while 34 voted to retain it, and 20 abstained.

The bill, launched by Petras Gražulis of the ruling Order and Justice party, introduces punitive fines for what it refers to as the public defilement of constitutional moral and family values, as well as the organization of events that conflict with public morals.

Such actions would be punishable by fines ranging from 1,000 (EUR 289) to 3,000 litas for first offense and 3,000-6,000 litas for repeat offenses.

The European Law Department under the Ministry of Justice says it’s unclear which department of the ministry would ultimately be response for enforcing the law. The department raises questions about the specific criteria for enforcing the law, citing eccentric and controversial artists as a gray area. The department also asks whether a gay rights march would be considered in violation of constitutional moral values if its goal is to reduce homophobia, increase the visibility of the gay community, and fight human rights violations against homosexuals.

The Lithuanian Gay League says the amendments are aimed at punishing organizers of gay marches.

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