Lithuanian president tells European Parliament there is no discrimination against minorities

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No minority is discriminated in Lithuania, Lithuanian President Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— has said in Strasbourg in response to MEPs' questions on the situation of sexual and ethnic minorities in the Baltic country.

The president assured journalists that LGBT marches were not banned in Lithuania and discussions only concerned their location.

"All minorities are treated equally in Lithuania. They are all Lithuanian citizens, and they have equal rights pursuant to our Constitution. Our laws do not provide for any exceptions, privileges, or discrimination. It means that all minorities are treated equally," GrybauskaitÄ— said.

The president explained that a Lithuanian court will have the final say on a gay march planned in Vilnius.

"The Baltic Pride is not banned in Lithuania. It is allowed. It will be on 27th of July. And only discussions are going about the place where it will be arranged," she said.

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