Lithuanian President keeps silent about proposed legislation on abortion and LGBT rights

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Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė has refused to reveal her opinion on the parliamentary initiatives to ban abortions and LGBT pride events.

"There are all types of proposals – controversial, funny, etc. - but I will make my judgements after I see specific laws," Grybauskaitė told journalists in Pabradė, central Lithuania, on Wednesday.

In her words, parliament "gives its initial backing to various proposals and different drafts, which sometimes have a happy ending and sometimes the outcome isn't so happy."

"We'll have to see what actually happens," she said.

Speaking about the proposed ban of the July LGBT pride march, the president noted that it was a "proposal of individual politicians."

"About the ban of the homosexual pride parade – a very accurate comment was made by the president of the European Parliament: these are proposals from our individual politicians, the key question is how Lithuania responds and accepts the decision," said Grybauskaitė.

Lithuania's parliament has approved for discussion a bill proposed by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, which proposes banning abortion unless pregnancy poses threat to mother's health or resulted from rape. In such cases, pregnancy could be terminated before week 12.

A few weeks ago, parliament also gave its initial backing to several bills with implications for LGBT rights, namely, an amendment to the Code of Administrative Offenses drafted by MP Petras Gražulis of the Order and Justice Party that envisages fines for "defilement of Constitutional moral values and organization of events that run counter to public morals" as well as proposed changes to the Civil Code and Children's Rights Protection Law that would bar homosexuals from fostering or adopting children.

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