Lithuania's Liberal Movement opposes to MP Gražulis' appointement to PACE

Submitted by Lithuanian Gay League

The Liberal party’s intend to remove MP Petras Gražulis from the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) was unsuccessful. At the parliamentary session held on 3 December 2013, P. Gražulis, a Chair of Order and Justice political group, andEligijus Masiulis, a leader of the Lithuania’s Liberal movement, were nearly engaged in a physical conflict during an argument.

On 12 November 2013 during the Fundamental Human Rights Conference (FRC) “Combating hate crime in the EU: Giving victims a face and a voice”, P. Gražulis came to the Lithuanian Gay League‘s (LGL) office to deliver a personal “present” – trousers with an anal zip – for the remaining of the LGL’ staff. He attempted to give a similar item to the chairman of the Liberal Movement, stating that “it is a bridge to the European values”. E. Masiulis disposed the trousers and both parliamentarians started arguing, but the dispute has finally been cooled after an intervention of their colleagues.

The members of Order and Justice political party and the majority of the parliamentarians do not approve to remove P. Gražulis from his position.Loreta Graužinienė, a Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament, supports P. Gražulis action. On the contrary, only liberals and few members of the Conservative party and social democrats claim to remove MP Gražulis due to his homophobic attitudes and hate-inducing statements.

According to P. Gražulis, his expulsion from the Seimas Delegation to the PACE would transform Lithuania into a backward country and violate the freedom of expression. Furthermore, the MP confesses to be ready to deliver similar homophobic items to all his opponents.

A parliamentarian Dalia Kuodytė (Liberal Movement) condemns his action and declares that “a person, who commits vulgar homophobic attacks and defiles his own country, cannot represent Lithuania in the Council of Europe”.

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