Lithuania's JustMin suggests changes to Civil Code

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Lithuania's Justice Ministry has suggested deleting from the Civil Code the registration of partnership and the requirement to envisage sex change conditions and procedures by law.

On Tuesday, the parliament approved the relevant amendments for discussion. They will now go to parliamentary committees.

Under the amendments, the Civil Code should contain the provision that „an unmarried adult person has the right to change his sex medically“ but no longer stipulate that conditions and procedures of sex change should be stipulated by law.

Justice Minister Juozas Bernatonis who presented the draft said this would implement the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights, which put Lithuania under the obligation of adopting a law on sex change or pay compensation to the applicant. Lithuania has been lacking political will for the law.

The ministry also proposed removing the requirement of mandatory state registration of partnership. Nevertheless, the chapter of the Civil Code on property refers to partnership.

Liberal MP Dalia Kuodyte has expressed fears that the amendments would fully block the process of sex change.

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