Almost one-third of the respondents are in favour of civil union for same-sex couples

Submitted by Lithuanian Gay League

A poll, commissioned by the Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, reveals discriminatory attitudes towards different social groups in Lithuania, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

About one-fourth of the respondents (22%) indicated that they personally know a homosexual person, and 52% think that homosexual individuals should enjoy equal opportunities and the same conditions in labour market as their heterosexual colleagues. This opinion is widely shared by women and with higher incomes.

Nevertheless, the survey also shows that stereotypes and taboos over lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals still predominate in the Lithuanian society. 42% of the respondents said they would feel afraid to have a homosexual teacher for their children. People over 56-year old and those with lower educational background are more reluctant to accept homosexual teachers. 37% indicated that they would not become part of any organization that involves homosexual members. A similar percentage (35%) thinks that homosexual individuals should not be members of the Parliament, while 30% believes that sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person’s professional skills and political career. Considerably a high number of respondents (26%) support same-sex civil unions.

A half of the respondents (50%) said their relations with neighbours would not change after discovering that the same-sex couple lives in the neighbourhood, while 30% said they would avoid the homosexual neighbours, 4% would warn other neighbours, and 3% would take action to evict the same-sex couple.

Regarding hate speech, 46% indicated that they would stay neutral if a homosexual person was criticized in their presence, 22% would try to change the topic, and only 12% would take actions to combat hatred induced speech, while 5% would express their agreement with similar comments.

The study surveyed 1,003 respondents between the ages of 18 and 75. According to the poll, women, younger people and individuals with higher incomes and educational background are more tolerant of the LGBT persons.

The survey was carried out on 18-29 October 2013 by Spinter Survey.

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