The Minister of Justice to protect interests of heterosexual cohabitees only

Submitted by LGL

The Minister of Justice came up with suggestion to adopt discriminatory legal partnership model in Lithuania, which would allow to protect interests of heterosexual couples only.

Draft law suggests property regime for unmarried partners very similar to the one of married couples. All property, gained while living together, would be common and would belong to each partner in equal parts, except property, which was gained separately before starting living together, was inherited or gained in other foreseen exceptional cases. In order to sell or to give common property, an agreement from other partner will be needed. Property regulation will differ from marriage in case of inheritance - partners will not be able to inherit each other’s property and will not get various allowances (e.g. widow allowance) as well as mutual support obligation will not be required.

Partnership would end when a couple, under one’s decision, will stop living together, will enter into marriage together or separately, as well as in case of partner’s death.

According to the Minister, this project will not be applied to regulate the relationships of the same sex couples. He truly believes, that property issues of homosexual couples in Lithuania “may be effectively solved on a base of mutual agreement, by making a contract at the notary”.

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