Leader of Lithuanian nationalists ready to give his life to stop gay pride march

Submitted by Lithuanian Gay League

Ričardas Čekutis, chairman of Lithuanian National Centre (LNC) and organizer of this year nationalist march in central Vilnius, recently told to lrytas.lt portal he would not allow running of “parade by perverts, as the biggest parade in the country”. He stated that “whatever those globalists do, they will not be successful until we stand alive”.

Second Baltic gay pride march in Vilnius is planned to take place in summer 2013, at the time of the Lithuanian EU presidency. First ever LGBT equality march in Lithuanian capital was held in May 2010.

Ričardas Čekutis stated that national minorities and homosexuals must realise they live in Lithuania, where the power is held by Lithuanians and it is their primary responsibility to ensure their own welfare: “It is not us who must adapt to all minorities, but it is the minorities that must do so (...)”.

Chairman of LNC, who was promoted by Young Lithuania (Jaunoji Lietuva) party as candidate to Vilnius City Council and made his reputation by slogan “Lithuania free from gays, blacks, reds and ghetto gypsies”, told to lrytas.lt portal that he agrees on one issue with the neo-Nazis, namely that there was no Holocaust.

Mr Čekutis who gained his reputation by radical statements, is a senior specialist at the state Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania. According to the press reports, some of his supporters are recruited by Lithuanian military and have access to armament.

Mr Zingeris, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs told to lrytas.lt portal that the neo-Nazis in Lithuania pose more severe threat than believed by people: “It appeared those people were fairly well organised, had their own separate organisations, that kept in contact with each other; I suggested our law enforcement institutions consider them as being part of organised groups. The network of those organisations will try to take over discontent of the people, monopolise the same feeling and make it a river that would make their windmills of hatred turn.”

We remind that on 11 March, there was a parade by the nationalists in Vilnius, sounding slogans like Lithuania to Lithuanians (Lietuva lietuviams), the permit for the parade was issued by Vilnius City Municipality.

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