Liechtenstein referendum on same-sex partnership recognition: 69% in favor


Voters in Liechtenstein backed up overwhelmingly a law on registered partnership for same-sex couples in a referendum held Sunday 19 June 2011. The Parliament in Liechtenstein adopted earlier this year unanimously the law, but a submission of signatures was put forward to hold a referendum to change the decision.

The result of the referendum was 68.8 percent in favor of the law in the binding referendum. About 31.2 percent voted against it.

This law is the first progressive legislation regarding LGBTI people's rights in the small country, which borders Switzerland and Austria. There are so far no legislation on anti-discrimination, hate speech/crime or parenting for same-sex-couples in place in Liechtenstein.

Same-sex couples in Liechtenstein can look forward to be able to enter a registered partnership that gives some of the same rights as when entering a marriage - in areas such as taxation, inheritance, social security and occupational pensions. However the partnership law does not include joint adoption, second parent adoption, medically assisted insemination and surrogacy rights.


Read more about LGBTI rights in Liechtenstein here.

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