Legal Committee of the Latvian Parliament support constitutional amendment to protect different sex marriage


(LETA) On 12 October, after a long debate, the Latvian MPs, member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee agreed on a concept of the recent constitutional amendment to provide state protection and support of the marriage as a union between a man and a woman only.

Currently Latvia’s basic law (constitution) provides that the state protect the marriage, however according to the members of the Committee’s opinion, a situation when homosexually oriented people might claim their right to enter into a same-sex marriage might arise.

Although not a single Committee’s member disputed that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, Valerijs Agesins, (People’s Party) did not support the amendment since the constitution cannot be changed too often. He added: “Will we define in the constitution also that a man is a creature that wears a suit and not a dress?”

Mareks Seglins (People’s Party), head of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, said that this is not a legal but an ethical issue since “not a one gay would be born if there was not a man and a woman”.

He added that currently ‘normally oriented’ people are the least protected and pointed that unfortunately in other European countries people because of a over wealthy life want to marry partner of the same sex.

Paulis Klavins (New Era) pointed that he currently sees an attack on marriage. He said that “differently oriented people can do what ever they want, but should not raise their claims”. He further said that may be on another planets people are born out of eggs, but on our planet people are created because of men and women.

Aleksandrs Bartasevics (People’s Harmony Party) pointed that with their discussion, the MPs only provide a service to people who are “partly ill” since the marriage cannot be any other union but between a man and woman.

Inese Slesere (Latvia’s First Party), one of the amendment’s sponsors, stressed that the marriage has to be protected as a fundamental value. The Parliamentary legal Committee agreed not to amend the constitution but to phrase it differently.

In order to pass a constitutional amendment, Saeima, the Latvian Parliament, needs support from two thirds of the MPs.

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