Vendola strikes back at League for 'sodomite lobby' poke

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Reposted from ANSA:

SEL chief tells Maroni that he should rein in representatives

Rome, July 30 - Leader of the Left Ecology Freedom (SEL) party Nichi Vendola chided the Northern League chief on Twitter Tuesday over jibes against his party members in the Lower House.

Gianluca Buonanno of the League, a group in continual hot water over some members' racist and inflammatory political statements, mocked SEL memebers saying they represent ''the sodomite lobby''.

Vendola, also the Puglia governor, is openly gay.

"It is time you stop your representatives," Vendola tweeted to the national chief of the anti-immigrant League, who is also the Lombardy governor, Roberto Maroni.

"For too long now they (the League) use insults and is their political program," Vendola said.

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