Toddler given up for temporary foster care to gay couple

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Middle-aged men are friends of the child's family

Bologna, November 15 - A court for minors in the northern Italian city of Bologna gave up a three-year-old girl for temporary foster care to a homosexual couple, newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on Friday.

Prosecutors had opposed the measure, claiming the couple were unfit to care for the toddler.

The two middle-aged men reportedly live in another city in the Emilia Romagna region around Bologna and know the three-year-old and her troubled family well.

The court ruled that the men, both reportedly making a good living and judged 'stable and trustworthy' by social services, could provide as foster parents to the little girl the stability and wellbeing required by the law.

Under Italian legislation, only married couples are entitled to adopt while temporary foster care can be given to any 'family community' formed by two people acting as parents or by a single person.

Last January Italy's supreme court, the Cassation, recognized the right of homosexuals to become foster parents.

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